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What do I do if I just move to a house with a Pool?

First: Congratulations

Second: It is best to hire a professional company who offers swimming pool cleaning service in your areaWhy hire someone and not myself do the work?  Pool cleaning services is a detail labor job and it is best for you to hire a professional to do it for you PLUS we offer different plans.

  • Why Southbay pool cleaning services?

Because we are your local pool cleaning service provider, we can be there in just minutes and give you a FREE ESTIMATE just call or email us.

  • Can I choose only chemical service for my pool?

Yes, we provide swimming pool cleaning service chemical only, call us for more a FREE ESTIMATE




Southbay pool cleaning service recommends to wash the filter at least two times a year to remove all debris catch during each season, it is very helpful to have the filter clean using stabilizer or conditioner and this is to neutralize the solar ray that deplete pool chemicals.

More tips:

  • Skim Debris and clean out baskets
  • Vacuum the pool and brush walls and tile
  • Clean the pool filter
  • Professionally service the heater
  • Check and maintain water level
  • Maintain the PH level
  • Chlorine levels
  • Repair all leaks

If you would like to contact Southbay Pool Cleaning Service please call us at (424)  571- 0193